Farewell November

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I can't even hardly believe that November is already almost over.  It's not like it was a particularly busy month or anything, but the illnesses and general feeling of shittiness must have put me on autopilot.

H-Man is just getting over a condition called HSP...a long complicted name but basically he had arthritis and swelling in his joints and bleeding under the skin and in the bowel and kidney.  This is an autoimmune condition but he will recover fully with no lasting damage.  The first days were very tough.  He was in a lot of pain and was unable to walk or even move at times.  Today he is doing much better physically but developed a bit of a cough that I have to keep an eye on...since his immune system is shot.

The pregnancy is going okay.  I feel like the nausea is breaking and I may be getting some energy back.  I'm 9 weeks now, so I am rounding towards the second trimester mark soon.  That, I am looking forward to.  I still haven't heard from the midwives again so I will make sure to call Monday morning, just so they don't forget about me.

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Thoughts on Taking Things Personal

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I HATE red.  Red is the colour of bloodshed and not particularly pleasing to my eyes.  I would never wear a red shirt or paint my walls red, because research shows that the colour red can make people feel more agitated and aggressive.  I HATE red.

(PS I actually like red.  I am also wearing a red shirt at the moment but for arguments sake let's pretend I really do hate it)

Is anyone insulted by this?  Does anyone feel judged, as a lover of red, because I don't like red?  I hope not...and if you do, you have taken my opinion too personally.  My opinion is about the colour red not a judgment of the people who might like the colour red, does that make any sense?  I am not saying that people who like the colour red have bad taste, or that they are aggressive and irritable people...I am not saying anything at all about them.  It's just an opinion on the colour red, okay?

So next time someone expresses their opinion on an issue (or object or colour) please sit back and consider that their opinion has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU and that if you are insulted you are likely taking it too personally!

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Sad Day

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Today is a sad day.  I have resigned as moderator and left an online community which has been a part of my life for many years.  It was time for me to move on.

It has actually been accumulating for a long time and recent events have just pushed me into the realisation that this place is no longer a safe place for me.  As I have learned and grown, I have slowly been pushed to the fringes and in a large community the fringe can be a lonely place.

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Weekend Update

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I've neglected my blog this week.

I have to say that I don't remember early pregnancy ever being this draining.  This past week has been incredibly rough...getting over the flu, catching up on sleep, pregnancy related fatigue, 2 busy kids and SO working 10 hour days 7 days a week.  Why can't humans hibernate?

I did mange to catch up on some movie and television watching during my lazy afternoons while the kids napped.    I caught up on 2 episodes of Bones and all I have to say about that is that Booth and Brennen need to get in on already cause I can't take the tension anymore.  I watched Julie and Julia and decided that I need to start cooking again.  Today, (so long as SO get's home at a decent time) I am going to buy the ingredients for Ratatouille and attempt to make it.  Will report on that later.  Lastly, I watched Paranormal Activity and was only remotely creeped out by it which was a disappointment.  I still thought it was a decent movie though and actually really liked the 'Blair Witch'-iness of it.  Still on my list, Zombieland.  Maybe today if the kids decide to nap for me.

That's about it for my week.  My goals were small and I achieved them.  Next week, though, I hope to be feeling a bit better and motivated to get a bit more accomplished.  Next weeks goals include a trip to Value Village, another fancy recipe and about 60 million loads of laundry.  Can I do it?  YES I CAN!
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The Ball is a'Rolling

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I made my call to the midwives office this morning...left a message.  Just hoping they will call back for intake soon, since I really need to get in!  There are only 3 midwives servicing our city, so it's not always a guarantee that you will get a midwife if you want one.

I plan on calling back tomorrow...and the next day and the next...if I have no heard back from them.  Maybe I will even send an email, outlining my need for a midwife.  Either way I am going to get my homebirth!!

I Deserve a Doula...But Can't Afford One

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I have been starting to do a bit more planning of my pregnancy and birth including looking into exactly who I am going to have at my birth.  This week, I will be calling the midwives and hopefully meeting with them soon and I have asked a girlfriend if she would be my birth photographer...next, was do I want a doula?

YES!  I most definitely do want a doula.

I love the idea of having someone at my birth who is experienced and educated, to focus on me and help me through the process.  I would love someone to suggest positions or techniques to help me stay comfortable.

The biggest problem is cost and I have decided against spending $600 on a doula.  It's just not in the budget for me.  Not that I think that is overpriced, or anything, because I certainly think a doula earns her money...just not in the cards for me at this time.  I can't justify spending that much money on myself.

I am still hoping to find a 'student' or someone brand new looking to offer services at little or no cost.
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The Week from HellSick

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After our wonderful Sunday outing last week, everything went downhill.  We all got sick!

Monday wasn't bad.  H-Man had a bit of a fever and sore throat and that was it, but it quickly turned into high fever, cough and fatigue.  I started feeling it Tuesday, as did L-Cat and SO...so we were ALL sick in bed all week.

By Thursday, I was feeling so rotten I swore we had H1N1 and gave the kids a refresher in calling 911 in case I was to pass out or something.  I was having heart palpitations and couldn't barely walk without feeling like I would pass out.  Luckily, after a decent nights sleep I felt much better.

Friday H-man started coughing non stop so So took him into the walk in to be seen.  The doc there said it was JUST A COLD!  He apparently didn't even have the flu.  Whatever, I know that's not true since we all had flu symptoms not cold symptoms...but at least H-Man's chest was clear.

Halloween was shitty.  We got all dressed up and walked about 6 houses before H-Man was ready to come home.  Neither of them were very psyched about Trick or Treating so we just went to my parents' place for their special treat and walked back home.

Everyone is in better spirits today, so that's got me smiling.  I can tell things are getting back to normal...by the way the kids are at each others throats today!  Hopefully, tomorrow we can start a fresh week in better health and spirits.
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