Baby Girl and Crazy Cat

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Here is a photo I snapped of L-Cat over the Thanksgiving weekend.  She was running around topless with a spaghetti squash stick on her chest.  I loved the way the light caught her face and decided to take a picture.  Just can't figure out what caused the circle of light on her other cheek.  Hmmmm...

This second picture is one of my cat, Pancake, who has an interesting way of sleeping.  She looked so sweet I just had to take a quick shot of her.

She slept like this for the better part of an hour and she was purring super loud and slow.  I wish I would have gotten a shot of her face when she woke up.  It was seriously priceless...messy fur and tired eyes.


Bunc said...

LOL - thats how my cat snuggles in to me when he wants to be stroked - curls his head right under. Not many cats do that. Mine also loves going for a ride in the car - if I leave the car door open then he tries to sneak in and sits on the back parcel shelf. I have a terrible time trying to get him out. That's also strange because most cats hate cars. I think it's cos I often took him out in the car when he was a kitten.

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