Weekend Update

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I've neglected my blog this week.

I have to say that I don't remember early pregnancy ever being this draining.  This past week has been incredibly rough...getting over the flu, catching up on sleep, pregnancy related fatigue, 2 busy kids and SO working 10 hour days 7 days a week.  Why can't humans hibernate?

I did mange to catch up on some movie and television watching during my lazy afternoons while the kids napped.    I caught up on 2 episodes of Bones and all I have to say about that is that Booth and Brennen need to get in on already cause I can't take the tension anymore.  I watched Julie and Julia and decided that I need to start cooking again.  Today, (so long as SO get's home at a decent time) I am going to buy the ingredients for Ratatouille and attempt to make it.  Will report on that later.  Lastly, I watched Paranormal Activity and was only remotely creeped out by it which was a disappointment.  I still thought it was a decent movie though and actually really liked the 'Blair Witch'-iness of it.  Still on my list, Zombieland.  Maybe today if the kids decide to nap for me.

That's about it for my week.  My goals were small and I achieved them.  Next week, though, I hope to be feeling a bit better and motivated to get a bit more accomplished.  Next weeks goals include a trip to Value Village, another fancy recipe and about 60 million loads of laundry.  Can I do it?  YES I CAN!
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