Goodbye, First Trimester. I will Miss our Vomit-Filled Days

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Here I am...half way through my 12th week and days away from saying goodbye to the first trimester!  It's been a looong 8 weeks since finding out I was expecting and it feels great to be on a different leg of the journey...the Second Trimester!!!

This might just be my favourite part of pregnancy; finally getting energy back, starting to get a belly and feeling the baby's first movements.  It's such an amazing time!  I started showing nearly right and already at 12 weeks have an impressive little belly starting.  I am comfortably in maternity pants now and shuffling to find more clothes that fit at this point!!

Also, I did finally hear back from the midwives and went to my first appointment.  I was 10 weeks at that time and so lucky that she was able to find the heartbeat so I could hear my little bean.  It's equally amazing and exciting every time I hear my baby's first heartbeat.

The midwife said I was a great candidate for a homebirth so everything is going smoothly in that area.  I am SO excited for this birth.  I am also loving the whole midwife experience, especially compared to my experience at an OB' office. I love the feeling of involvement and control...even with something as simple as weighing myself and testing my own urine.  I also loved that she was able to take my blood for testing right in the office instead of sending me off to the lab to wait another 30 minutes to have blood taken.  With just one appointment, I have a totally different outlook on my pregnancy and birth than I did with an OB.

I was disappointed to learn that they will not do a homebirth for a breech presentation or for multiples but I have to wonder if I could sway them, should that obstacle present itself.

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