Friday Favourites Roundup

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This week has been a slow week for this particular Goddess.  My little ones have been sick and in need of extra Mommy time, so my internet time has been limited.  Today I was fighting a migraine.

I have also been working on a new project at the local level which has stolen a lot of my mental power (which I am seriously lacking these days already).  I am hoping to bring together like-minded parents in the community and connect them with the resources available, as well as offer support and info to parents-to-be and anyone else seeking it.

Next week should be a more productive week for me...I hope!!

Now for the Friday Favourites Roundup!  

My favourite post this week BY FAR was from PhD in Parenting's formidable article entitled "Breaking it Down for Facebook".  This was a brilliant summary of the breastfeeding photo ban on Facebook and why the reasons for the ban are "dumbass".  Loved it.

In keeping with the Facebook/breastfeeding theme, my next favourite post of the week was "An Open Letter to Facebook" by April at Eclectic Effervescence after having an amazing tandem nursing photo removed by the Facebots.  All of the following posts on the same subject are also on the list.  Read them!

And in keeping with the theme, check out these pair of tits.

Happy Friday!!


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