Dreams and Miracles

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"Possibilities and miracles mean the same thing"  
Prentis Mulford

We all have dreams.  I dream of buying a farm and living off the land and animals on it.  I dream of my kids running barefoot amongst goats and collecting fresh eggs for breakfast.  I dream of putting on my rubber boots and heading out to milk my cow in the crisp morning air.   These dreams represent some of my most ambitous desires, yet I perceive them only as dreams instead of realistic goals. I am not the only one, either.  Why do we do that?  In essence, they are the same thing.  They represent something that we want to acheive.

The difference is that a dream is something we don't actively pursue.  Dreams come true when you stop considering them dreams and start considering them reality.

Prentis Mulford, whomever he or she is, had it spot on.  Possibilities and miracles, dreams and reality; it's all the same thing.  The only difference is how your perceive it and the way you perceive it defines how you approach it.   If you approach your dreams not as dreams but as possibilities, you are one step closer to making them come true.

Taking the risk, and failing, may be damaging to the ego but every experience gives us wisdom.  With that wisdom we are free to try again, over and over again if we must.  It can be easy to give up on the things we never thought could be.  It's much harder to turn on backs on something we have pursued with intent and hard work.

So turn your dreams into goals, your miracles into possibilities, and create your reality.


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