Ready for Another

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Soooo...kind of out of nowhere, my SO and I decided last night that we are ready to have our 3rd child. I'm not even sure where it came from, but it came up and you could see from the smiles on our faces that we are ready...and EXCITED!!!

I have never planned a pregnancy. They just happened and were pleasant surprises. This time I want to plan...mostly because I want to make sure that we have no overlapping birthdays or holidays. We are planning for a July August 2010 baby.

I am also planning for a homebirth and desperately hope that I can secure myself a midwife. We only have 2 in the city, so their schedules are often full. I refuse to have another hospital birth though, so I guess someone will have to make room for me.

From all I am able to put together through online resources I should be ovulating on the 9th of I guess I don't have too long to wait before we can make our first attempt at baby making:)


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