A Rose by any Other Name

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So I am not even pregnant yet and my thoughts are already being invaded by baby names. Perhaps I am getting a little too excited a little too early? Maybe...but choosing a name is such a difficult process so having a head start is an advantage.

I did a quick Google search of 'baby names' and browsed a few websites. I ended up spending an hour or so reading celebrity names VS. their real names. It's pretty obvious why some of them change there names.

I then moved into celebrity baby names and that's always an interesting trip. I was pretty surprised to read that there is more than one person on this planet with the name "Lyric" but not by much else. Celebrity baby names no longer shock or amaze me. "Oh, you named your baby Popcorn? Wonderful. I hope Popcorn isn't keeping you up at night".

I didn't come up with anything though...which isn't really a loss at this point. Maybe once I actually MAKE the baby I will have a better idea of what I could name him or her.


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