Slimey Snails

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This is a photo I took in my backyard during my bugs-n-things photographing phase from this past summer. I loved the trail of slime on the leaf so I took a picture of it. This little guy was moving fast, probably because L-Cat had been playing with it for about 20 minutes prior to releasing him on this leaf.

I have some other neat shots of snails from this summer as well. A couple of snails by the river were climbing all over each other on a rock. It was so cute I had to get some shots of it. I didn't have my good camera that day, but you get the idea. It was cute.

Here is another shot of the same two snails 'meeting'.

This next gal looked so proud perched on top of her tree stump, that I needed to get a shot of her. I just love the colour of these water snails.



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