The Barnyard

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No. This is not about farm animals, it's about my family! I suppose since I will be writing about the (hopeful) baby-to-be I may as well share a little about the 2 that already exist.

My firstborn is H-man (I will be using their alias' online for privacy purposes) and he will be turning 5 next month. Wow...5 already! He's an extremely bright little boy and I am amazed every day by his knowledge. I can remember the first day I realized he knew the alphabet and the sounds the letters made. He was 22 months and he was sitting on my lap at the computer. He started pointing to letters on the keyboard and saying "S says Ssss, G says Gggg" and I was like "WTF? How do you know that???"

H-Man is a very spirited child...a lot like me, actually. He is very extreme in his moods and emotions and that has proven to be our biggest hurdle in parenting him. Not just because of him, but because I am so much of the same....we conflict. We shouldn't though...I'm a Gemini and he is a Libra. We should mesh well.

My daughter, L-Cat, is also a Gemini. She's 3 years, 3 months and looks up to her big brother in adoration. He teaches her a lot...good and bad. L-Cat is my little people person. Everyone who meets her comments on her fabulous personality and sunny disposition. She is very much like her Father in that sense, cause he's the same way...but she's WAY cuter.

L-Cat LOVES animals and they LOVE her. Our cat is always following her around and sleeping with her, and when L_Cat goes near her she will start purring immediately. The dog gets tonnes of hugs from her, the snake curls up in her arm pits and the bearded dragons sit on her lap while she watches TV. She is like an animal whisperer or something.

I look at my 2 little monkeys and how different they are, and wonder what they next one might be like. And the I think I must be insane for wanting another.


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