Why Didn't Juno Just Get an Abortion?

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'Juno' is one of my favourite movies of the last couple of years, so I get defensive when I hear or read comments blasting it.  This is why I often do not take my reaction to those comments seriously.  I overreact, and I know it.  It doesn't help that I absolutely LOVE Ellen Page, Michael Cera and Diablo Cody...so this movie is like peanut butter cups dipped in creamy cold milk.

One comment, however, has been festering in the back of my mind since I read it...perhaps it deserves my attention.

I want to start out by saying that I LOVE Bitch Magazine.  I often find myself 'Ah-ha-ing" and nodding along to everything I read from them.  That's exactly what I was doing in this blog article about Archie comics...until I got about half way through and read this:

Maybe asking why Archie can’t just pick one girl already is as pointless as asking why Juno didn’t just get an abortion: because then there would be no story.

I read this.  I re-read it.  I slept on it and read it again.  No matter which way I slice this sentence, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  The implication that the only logical reason for a woman to chose not to abort an unwanted pregnancy is that...well, that there is no logical reason is offensive.  That the only reason fathomable to choose adoption is for the sake of a funny story, is an insult to the countless women who have made that choice.  

I am not debating against abortion here, because I am pro choice.  PRO CHOICE...meaning I feel that women should have the freedom to make reproductive choices without judgement, ridicule or question.  To me, that includes those who DON'T chose abortion.

I can agree with the Author on one thing though; It is pointless to ask, because it's not our fucking business!
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