Farewell November

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I can't even hardly believe that November is already almost over.  It's not like it was a particularly busy month or anything, but the illnesses and general feeling of shittiness must have put me on autopilot.

H-Man is just getting over a condition called HSP...a long complicted name but basically he had arthritis and swelling in his joints and bleeding under the skin and in the bowel and kidney.  This is an autoimmune condition but he will recover fully with no lasting damage.  The first days were very tough.  He was in a lot of pain and was unable to walk or even move at times.  Today he is doing much better physically but developed a bit of a cough that I have to keep an eye on...since his immune system is shot.

The pregnancy is going okay.  I feel like the nausea is breaking and I may be getting some energy back.  I'm 9 weeks now, so I am rounding towards the second trimester mark soon.  That, I am looking forward to.  I still haven't heard from the midwives again so I will make sure to call Monday morning, just so they don't forget about me.

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Bunc said...

Hi Sarah - you have been following my blog for some time so I'm over here to say hello. I had left a comment on your other blog but I realise you maybe aren't actively maintaining that one ?
Must have been a worry for you with your son being ill like that. Hope that turns out well and your pregnancy too.

Bunc said...

I noticed your reference to "intactivism" - I hadn't heard that one before and just checked it out - totally support you in that now I see what it refers to.

One of the disgusting things here in the UK was discovering that some folk had brought their gential mutilation practices over here with them - in particular female circumcision.

I know peole argue for health issues around male circumcision ( debatable) but there can be no argument whatsoever for female circumscision - it's totally barbaric and the fact that it's a "cultural" practice is neither here nor there.
Ok - starting to rant so i'll stop.

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