Thoughts on Taking Things Personal

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I HATE red.  Red is the colour of bloodshed and not particularly pleasing to my eyes.  I would never wear a red shirt or paint my walls red, because research shows that the colour red can make people feel more agitated and aggressive.  I HATE red.

(PS I actually like red.  I am also wearing a red shirt at the moment but for arguments sake let's pretend I really do hate it)

Is anyone insulted by this?  Does anyone feel judged, as a lover of red, because I don't like red?  I hope not...and if you do, you have taken my opinion too personally.  My opinion is about the colour red not a judgment of the people who might like the colour red, does that make any sense?  I am not saying that people who like the colour red have bad taste, or that they are aggressive and irritable people...I am not saying anything at all about them.  It's just an opinion on the colour red, okay?

So next time someone expresses their opinion on an issue (or object or colour) please sit back and consider that their opinion has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU and that if you are insulted you are likely taking it too personally!

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