The Week from HellSick

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After our wonderful Sunday outing last week, everything went downhill.  We all got sick!

Monday wasn't bad.  H-Man had a bit of a fever and sore throat and that was it, but it quickly turned into high fever, cough and fatigue.  I started feeling it Tuesday, as did L-Cat and we were ALL sick in bed all week.

By Thursday, I was feeling so rotten I swore we had H1N1 and gave the kids a refresher in calling 911 in case I was to pass out or something.  I was having heart palpitations and couldn't barely walk without feeling like I would pass out.  Luckily, after a decent nights sleep I felt much better.

Friday H-man started coughing non stop so So took him into the walk in to be seen.  The doc there said it was JUST A COLD!  He apparently didn't even have the flu.  Whatever, I know that's not true since we all had flu symptoms not cold symptoms...but at least H-Man's chest was clear.

Halloween was shitty.  We got all dressed up and walked about 6 houses before H-Man was ready to come home.  Neither of them were very psyched about Trick or Treating so we just went to my parents' place for their special treat and walked back home.

Everyone is in better spirits today, so that's got me smiling.  I can tell things are getting back to the way the kids are at each others throats today!  Hopefully, tomorrow we can start a fresh week in better health and spirits.
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