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The first few chapters of "The Law of Attraction" talks about the basic science behind the law...simply that we send out positive or negative vibes and receive the same vibes from the universe in return.  What we focus our thoughts and energy on, is what we inevitably attract into our lives.  Easy!
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Now we get into how we send out out those vibes and the first and probably, most important way, is in our words.  Words are the main way in which we express our desires to the universe, so they'd better be good ones.  Something that is brought up (which gave me an immediate 'Ah-ha moment') is the use of words like "No" or "Don't" or "Not".  I am totally kicking these words OUT of my vocabulary.  All these words do is put focus on what we DO NOT want instead of what we DO want!  So true!  If I say "Don't blink" you immediately think about blinking, right?  What if, instead, I say "Open those eyes wide"?  It's the same principle...keep in your thoughts what you want to have or acheive.

My challenge over the next few days is to keep track of the negative statements I make often and think of ways to make them positive statements instead.  I wonder if I will see a change in what the universe gives me??
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