Inspire on International Women's Day.

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Being an inspiration doesn't mean that you have to be at the forefront of change or that your accomplishments are recognized with awards.  You don't have to be in a high profile position to make a difference.  Being a fierce, confident woman is being an inspiration.  Here are 7 ways that women inspire me every single day...

1.  Being a Mother.  What better way to change the future, than to bring life into this world.  By nurturing life and being a teacher to your children, you are shaping the minds and attitudes of tomorrow

2.  Nursing in Public.  The simple act of nursing in public can change attitudes and expose people to nurturing and normal act of breastfeeding.  The more people see it as a normal activity, the more acceptable it comes within our society.  It also inspires other women to do that same, without shame.

3.  Telling your Success Story.   Don't be humble when you have found success, share it.  Your success can inspire and empower whether it's a great birth experience, a booming business or personal journey of healing and finding happiness.

4.  Support the Success of Others.  Promote sisterhood by supporting and celebrating the success of women.

5.  Follow your Dreams.  No matter what your dreams or goals are, following them will inspire others.

6.  Speak your Mind.  Inspire other's to be heard by making your voice heard!  This is especially true for me in the blogging world and the many female bloggers that inspire me to be heard.

7.  Love Yourself.  It's contagious!!


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