Lactation Celebration! IBCLC Day 2010!

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Wednesday is the 9th annual IBCLC Day, which celebrates the importance of Certified Lactation Consultants as a vital part of the healthcare support team in place to support women, babies and families.

This years theme, "IBCLC: Experience You Can Trust" highlights the rich 25 year history of the lactation consultant profession that is now 22, 000 LC's strong!  These professionals have gone through a demanding process to become certified and their clients can trust that they have the expertise, experience and knowledge to give the best support possible.

In celebration of IBCLC Day, I am proud to announce that my first Goddess guest blogger will be making her appearance March 3rd to talk about  her personal experiences in attaining credentials as a certified Lactation Consultant and sharing with us some of the vast knowledge she attained through her studies at the Newman Breastfeeding Clinic and Institute!  I am so excited!

I'd also like my readers to share their stories on how THEY were supported by an IBCLC!!  Comment here on on my Facebook Fanpage.
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