Sensual Pregnancy, Ecstatic Birth

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I love being pregnant!  There is something about the full curves of my pregnant body that make me feel incredibly sexy and sensual.  The daily reminder of my sexuality in my ever expanding belly feeds these feelings and enhances my normal sense of femininity and Womanhood.  I feel like pregnancy is a vital part of my sex life.

The whole process of pregnancy and childbirth is sensual one, from the act that plants a new life within a woman to the physical and emotional climax of birthing that life.  The intensity of the entire experience cannot be denied...or rather should not.

Society tends to view pregnant women as asexual.  Once a woman becomes pregnant and becomes a Mother, the is separated from her sexuality and identified only by her nurturing nature, after all, how many men want to admit their dear Mother's are sexual creatures?  Perhaps it has something to do with the image of the Virgin Mary which is so ingrained in much of the Western World.  Only a pure and virtuous woman is fit to be a vessel of life, so we ignore the side of her that makes us uncomfortable.

That attitude is damaging to women though as when we ignore the sexual nature of pregnancy, we end up ignoring the sexual nature of childbirth.  Suddenly, the experience changes from a transformative event in our sexual lives to a painful sacrifice of our bodies.  The idea that birth is an ecstatic experience is an alien idea to most women. 

I've been exploring this idea myself as my birth day draws nearer and what I am discovering is that I have been approaching birth with a skewed perspective of what birth actually is.  The film "Orgasmic Birth" truly opened my eyes to this new perspective.  

"Orgasmic Birth brings the ultimate challenge to our cultural myths by inviting viewers to see the emotional, spiritual, and physical heights attainable through birth. Witness the passion as birth is revealed as an integral part of woman's sexuality and a neglected human right."

I am approaching my upcoming birth with this perspective in mind and with the expectation that my birth experience will be fulfilling to my soul in the same way that making love is fulfilling to my soul.  To me this starts with exploring and embracing my sexuality during pregnancy as well, which I am very happily is my very happy partner!


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