Spring Cleaning

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It's March and the snow appears to have left us for the most part (knock on wood) so here in the Goddesses sanctuary, Spring Cleaning has begun.  One of my biggest goals for this year was to get seriously organized not only for my sanity and for preparing for a new baby but preparing for the move that is in our near future.  There is no way I will be lugging a half tonne of random junk half way across the country.  I just about pulled my hair out moving it all 4 blocks!  Not that I really need an excuse though, since this needs to be done regardless!

Yesterday, the SO and I tackled our biggest challenge which was our bedroom.  Now, our bedroom has always been the dumping ground for the overspill from everywhere else, a laundry room and a storage room.  It's the last room to get any attention...which means it really doesn't get any attention at all.  By the time we make it there, we're just too tired to put the effort into it.  This time, we started there and thank GODS we did!  It was a disaster.  So bad, in fact, that I considered writing a Last Will and Testament just in case I never returned from the back hole it had become.  It's almost embarassing to admit the amount of crap I removed from my room yesterday, so I won't.  I'll just say, it was an embarassing amount.  

It felt amazing to purge.  I felt like I was losing pounds off of my body, to be honest, from the amount of physical relief I felt doing it.  I could breathe in there.  I stood in my bedroom without feeling anxious!  It was so motivating and empowering to let go of all that shit I had been hoarding for so long.  Seriously...I had clothes that haven't fit me in 6 years and never would again, even if I sawed my body in half.  SO's contribution was a few hundred pounds of computer parts, which I finally convinced him was actually junk.  To see that computer crap go was my biggest victory of the day.

Clearing some space was a good move, as yesterday my Mother dropped off a load of brand new baby stuff for the belly bean.  I forgot how exciting it is to get all those tiny little shirts and booties and put them in their place (with the help of future Big Sister L).  She helped me 'test' out all the blankets, to ensure their softness.  I didn't realize just how prepared I already am for this baby until I saw it all put away...and then I cried.  I love that about pregnancy.

The next big step is taking another look through the clothes and thinning out the laundry pile a bit further and then going through the kids rooms in search of broken toys.  After that, we will focus on organizing a bit better in hopes that we won't get back into this place again!  

Any organizational tips for this decluttering Goddess?

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