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With 15-ish weeks left, I am ready to begin preparations for my home birth experience.  I have my wishes and wants for the experience (which I have been thinking about since before the 2 little blue lines appeared) and a general birth plan written out, but getting the home birth supply list from my midwife yesterday made everything suddenly feel so much more real to me.  I've been planning a home birth, but now will start to actually prepare for one!!

So, based on what my midwife has suggested and suggestions from other sources, here is my supply list for a home water birth!

1.  Pool.  Obvious enough!  One thing to consider, though, is where exactly the pool will go and what the flooring underneath it will be.  I had originally planned on having the pool in the kitchen until I realized how uncomfortable the tile floor would be not just for myself but for the midwives and various guests who might gather around.  Instead, I will have it in the living room just off the kitchen, which sports a cushy carpet.  

2.  Liner for Pool.  I am borrowing my birth pool and many people do, so a liner will protect the pool for future users.  Even if I wasn't borrowing the pool, I think I would still use a liner for easier clean up.

3.  Towels.  Lots of towels.  My midwife suggests 10 or so for a water birth and about 5 for a birth on dry land.

4.  Washcloths.  About 10 washcloths to be used as warm perineal compress.  Also, a bowl for warm water or better yet a crock pot!

5.  Pillows.  Cover them in plastic bags and then pillow slips to protect them.  

6.  Floor Coverings.  Plastic picnic table covers with flannel backing works great on carpeting.

7.  Bed.  Make bed in layers that can easily be removed.  First clean sheets, then a waterproof layer and then another clean sheet covering over the waterproof layer.  Even if you are having a water birth, you may want to delivery the placenta in bed so after that is over you can peel off the top 2 layers and have a freshly made bed to cuddle in!

8.  Roll of paper towels.

9.  Bowl for placenta and a container for storage.

10.  2 large waste baskets or garbage bag lined boxes.  One for dirty laundry and one for waste.

11.  Peroxide and salt for removing blood stains.

So those are the supplies suggested for the birth itself, but what about everything else?  Here are a few other things (so far) that I am planning to prepare for the birth.

1.  Food.  As well as having a few frozen meals prepared beforehand I am going to make sure there are lots of healthy snacks for me and all my guests to snack on.  Fruits, veggies, cheeses, dips, spreads, breads, muffins, and nuts all prepared and waiting in containers to be easily accessed by everyone.  I will also try to have a soup or stew slow cooking on the stove (since I will be using the crock for the warm compresses)

2.  Birth Day Loot Bags...for the kids!  I will be creating a box of fun for each of my kids to keep them busy on the big day.  Colouring books, crayons, art projects, movies, books, games all brand new and waiting to be explored by bored little children!

3.  iPod Playlist!!  That's a work in progress.  I keep going back and forth on what I might want to listen to during labour.  I think I will make up a few different ones, each with a different 'mood' in mind.

4.  Clothes.  I have started looking for some ideal clothing to wear during the birth and so far all I have decided on is a nice light flowing skirt.

So that's what I have so far, and it seems to be a pretty thorough list.  If not, I can always send Daddy out to pick up anything I need when the time comes.  That's what I keep him around for!

I.  Am.  So.  Excited!!!!!


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