Finding My Inner Voice

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River reflection day
River reflection day (Photo credit: tanakawho)
One thing I know about myself, through careful self reflection, is that my inner voice is not strong.  This was always a weakness until I acknowledged and accepted that it's part of who I am.  Now that I know, I am able to take a step back when I feel outside voices over powering my own.  This is a gift.  Taking a step back always gives me a chance to get some insight and perspective on my own journey and usually reveals something valuable that I may not have realized any other way.  Once my mind is clear of the noise, just mine is left behind and I am able to listen.

Knowing myself, or my heart, been one of the greatest challenges for me on my journey.  I guess I feel like I am so much a little bit of everything and, let's face it, looking at yourself can be scary!  Through daily meditation I have began to look at myself more closely and, for the first time, am really seeing myself.  By taking ideas and thoughts and virtues, and meditating on them, I am defining myself in ways I never imagined I could.  In listening to my mind, heart, soul, intuition and body I am becoming more aware of my true self. It feels great!

I am finding ways to hear my inner voice more clearly.  I am more able to decipher outside thoughts from my own and am more aligned with my inner self.  I am finding balance and clarity, and this is exactly where I wanted the Universe to take me.

This blog, in many ways, is a way to connect my outer self with my inner self; my outer voice with my inner voice.  It's a way for me to make my voice heard when I am silent and a way to connect with the voices of my fellow beings. I really encourage you all to share your voices with me, and with everyone because we are all connected and together we can grow.


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