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"For a person who cherishes compassion an love, the practice of tolerance is essential and for that, an enemy is indispensable.    So, we should feel grateful for our enemies, for it is they who can best help us develop a tranquil mind"  
                                                Dalai Lama

Finding a way to appreciate and love every person I encounter has proven to be a challenge for my spiritual journey, but these words echo through my mind every time I encounter a situation where I am not letting love and compassion lead me in my interactions with others. 

Every person I meet is a teacher and I must choose to seek the lessons they teach.  I am slowly realizing that I must let these teachers flow in and out of my life, good or bad.  I am also learning that I cannot hold onto  people in my life if they no longer desire to be there, or, if the lessons they were there to teach me have been learned.  I must be grateful that they were there in the first place, and let them go without resentment or anger.

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