17 Weeks DOWN!!!

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Another week passes and my belly grows larger.  I have completed 17 weeks of this pregnancy and have finally felt my baby move for the first time.  The other night, I was laying on the couch poking my belly when something suddenly pushed against my thumb.  It happened again the next night.  It was such a strong push, so I am confident that my baby is strong and healthy.  For the time being, I have ceased the finger assaults.  I am beginning to wonder if there are more than one in there.  I seems to feel 2 different types of movement in 2 different places.  I feel movement lower in my uterus which seems to be much more relaxed and smooth than the jerky, quick movements I feel under my ribs.  I will find out soon enough, I guess.

Here is my most recent belly shot, taken at 16w3d...still in my regular pants too which makes me happy.  I feel like this is the healthiest pregnancy I have had so far in terms of my own health and activity level.  It feels great (aside from the pain in my pelvis) and I am looking pretty good if I must say so myself.


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