For the Love of Foreskin, Stop Cutting!

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It's true.  Foreskin is loveable.  It's not just unsightly waste to be removed from male babies as soon after birth as possible, so everyone can just forget it ever existed.  It is a beautiful, functioning part of the male human body that serves in the most intimate of human interactions. I love foreskin.

When my tiny baby boy was born, I looked upon him as my most perfect creation and never thought for one moment that he needed to be altered.  As a Mother, there are many reasons that I left my son's sexual organs intact but first and foremost there is the simple reason that they are not my parts to alter.

As a woman, though, there is a different reason why I advocate against routine infant circumcision.  As a woman, my own sexuality is effected by the circumcision of my partner.  Circumcision changes the way a man makes love to a woman...and I mean the actual mechanics of sex.  The way a man moves during sex is directly related to the stimulation of his penis, which is completely different without foreskin to aid in that stimulation.  Without foreskin, lubrication is removed from the vagina making it more uncomfortable.  Sometimes without the soft cushion of a foreskin, sex can feel a bit like sitting on the handle of a broom stick.

Circumcision alters the most intimate of human interactions.

This is not to say that circumcised men are bad lovers and should just throw in the towel and join the Priesthood though.  Great sex depends on much more than the hardware you are working with, but having all the perfect tools for the job makes it much easier and much more enjoyable.  Make no mistake, an intact penis IS the perfect tool for the job!
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Anonymous said...

The only type of human being who can truly speak to this issue is a woman who has had extensive intimate experience with both kinds of men. And you seem to imply that you are a case in point. Some of your sisters are beginning to open the bedroom door more widely, and speaking out in more candid detail than you have. And the revelations can be stunning: some women definitely much prefer a partner who has all the moving parts Mother Nature intended him to have.

Ladies, I am an intact man. As such, I can assure you that most of what I feel when I pay my marital respects to my dear spouse, I would not feel if I had undergone the barbaric American custom of routine neonatal circumcision. I can easily see how that custom results in some sexual cripples, especially after age 40.

In an essay he wrote 35 years ago, but that has yet to be published, George Wald argued that the foreskin is despised by some men because it feminises the penis. I agree. While embryologically and neurologically homologous to the clitoral hood, it is functionally homologous to the inner lips. Even though it is situated at the ground zero of masculinity, it serves to remind us of the Eternal Feminine.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. I am the mother of a now 13 day old son, and I could have gone my entire life without having to make a decision like this one. We have (happily) decided to leave him intact, and I am grateful for your input as it eased my mind about his future relationship(s) and the impact our decision would have. I had no deire to to allow anyone to cut on my perfect little boy, but I was concerned about how he might be perceived in the future if he were to be "different" than his peers. Now I know that he will just fine, and I can move forward with no regrets.

Kevin Harrington said...

When our son was born, I demanded that he be left intact as nature intended him to be. He is still intact 26 years later. Ignorance of the male anatomy is the reason why foreskin cutters have got away with it for so long. It was not until 1996 that anyone took the trouble to closely examine what was being cut away, or what happened after the wound healed. Quite apart from the damage done to the child, it is not until the man is getting older that the true impact really becomes obvious. After the age of 40 or so, the loss of sensitivity really shows in a numbed penis rubbing in a dry older vagina. This causes a lack of satisfaction for both partners, and can actually prevent orgasm for the man. I know, it happened to me.

Alicat said...

As a woman, for the longest time I thought there was something wrong with me sexually. I would enjoy the act at first, but then it would start being painful. I thought my hormones were out of whack or that I didn't produce enough lubrication. Then I had an intact partner (whom I married) and I was like WOW! At the time I didn't even realize that it was because he was intact; only upon further research (google sex as nature intended it) that I discovered why. This post is so very true! My three sons are intact ... their future partners will thank me.

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