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Sooo...I totally dropped the ball on the blog the last few weeks.  The third trimester hit me like a tonne of bricks, so between that and the incredible amount of work I have been doing to change and improve the lives of my family I just didn't have the mental energy to devote to blogging.  I think things have settled down now and I am in a better place to start sharing again.

First off, pregnancy update.  Today I am 29 weeks and 1 day, with about 76 days left until my EDD.  Realistically, I have about 10-12 weeks to go before I am a Mum of three.  I just know this time will fly by, so I am really trying to enjoy this last stretch of what could be my final pregnancy.  Here is my most recent belly shot...

The spring cleaning is ongoing we and continue to simplify and purge both material and emotional baggage, as well as fill our lives with more positive things.  Everyday feels better than the one before, and that's a great feeling.

This week is marking our first week of homeschooling the children.  Last week H-Man school sent a letter home threatening suspension if his immunization records weren't produced to the health unit.  He is fully immunized and that information would be obtainable, but it just seemed like a sign...and simply writing a letter to the school board seemed so much easier.  Oddly enough, I have already noticed a return of H-Man's enthusiasm for learning and that makes me feel that much better about the decision we've made.  I know it's what will be best for him...for both of them.

Today I will be trying my hand at baking bread, thanks to the inspiration of fellow blogger over at "Living Life Simply, Most of the Time".  I will be reporting on the success (or not) of that endeavor laster this evening.

I think that's mostly it.  I do have a few blogs in my head waiting to be written, mostly about those things that have occupied my time and energy for the last few weeks.  Hope you'll be tuning in!!


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